How Asus will rebrand the fonepad

With the excitement around this tablet rebranding by Asus, we’re still in the dark on a few things. In particular, the most fascinating mystery is what happens with the fonepad brand.

Tech journalists have written articles suggesting that “ZenPad” is the new branding for fonepad. Our perspective and ears heard something different from Jerry Shen. He said “ZenPad” would be used for Asus tablets. He didn’t specify anything about fonepad in his comments. Are we right and the other stories are incorrect?

Here’s the thing. How the heck can you put the fonepad into ZenPad? Here are a few attempts by us.

  • ZenPad fone

See? We really can’t come up with anything worthwhile. You might think that the fonepad brand will be left alone. This is possible, but consider that on the Asus Global website, that under the “tablets” menu, the fonepad is listed. With what Jerry Shen said about tablets being branded ZenPad, we don’t see an easy out here. It’s a bit of a head scratcher. Asus could just put this device under the “Phones” menu and be done with it. That way  fonepad remains the brand for this device.

To confuse matters more, could Asus go with something like Zenfone Pad? Then the note version of the fonepad could be branded Zenfone Note. That might make more sense for Asus just to move this device into the phones category because afterall, it has phone functionality and tablets in general terms, do not include phone functionality.


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