Asus brings Zensation to Computex

In just over a weeks time, Asus will be likely having one of its biggest product unveils ever. Believe me, over the years Asus spared no expense on putting on some great shows with an absolute insane number of products and innovations.

Well, the invitations have gone out. This year, it’s Zensation. There will be wearables, PC’s and tablets. But we expecting there to be many unnamed products being shown off as well. What we care about though is the tablet unveils!

It’s not yet clear whether any Windows ZenPads are going to be shown off. With Windows 10 coming in the summer, Asus may simply wait for that release before showing off or announcing any Windows based ZenPads.

The fact is, expect new photos to emerge in this upcoming week. There is likely to be a lot of online activity and leaks happening regarding ZenPad tablets. Most exciting for us is the rebrand of the Transformer series, the ZenPad S. We hope to see a new Fonepad and Fonepad Note.


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