Asus confirms ZenPad branding for FonePad

With the most recent investors conference call, Asus CEO Jerry Shen has confirmed our hunch. The FonePad will become part of the ZenPad lineup. Here is a quote:

As for pad or tablets, we have had a major transformation. We’re converting all MeMO Pads or FonePads to ZenPad.

Thus, we have to consider how the FonePad will be incorporated into the branding. We have read that ZenPad S = Transformer. So is it possible that ZenPad F = FonePad? It’s entirely possible. It’s also possible that we could see this rebranding as ZenPad Fone. In that way, yearly releases could just be as simple as ZenPad Fone 2, ZenPad Fone 3, etc. Including “Fone” is accurate naming based on what Asus is doing with the Zenfone line-up. Using Fone will be easier for consumers than simply “F” in our opinion. Another possible long shot suggestion would be ZenPad E, in taking the “E” from FonePad.

What do you think about this rebranding and what suggestions do you have for the choice of name?


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  1. Rickky May 14, 2015 at 2:32 am #

    I hope this time around taht asus decides to bring these to USA. I’m okay with 7 to 8-inches tablet with phone capabilities. Please Mr. Asus bring it to me!!!

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