First Asus ZenPad tablet coming to USA is ZenPad S (Z580C)

Accuracy is important to us. Prior to any launch there is rumor and speculation. We’ve read most everything that other sites have said about what ZenPads are or are not going to be. It was said that the ZenPad 8 (and some mentioned the ZenPad 7) had shown up at the FCC in mid to early May. This claim was almost substantiated by a recent leaked press render of what appears to be the ZenPad 8 or 7. Afterall, the FCC documentation showed the label location and that illustration was quite similar to the leaked press photos recently.

However we have more information which changes this initial FCC filing. The model number of the FCC filing is P01M. Nobody knows what that model number refers to, but we have seen on a reference to P01M and the ZenPad S, model Z580C. In case you were unaware, the S-series is the Transformer tablet series. This has been confirmed in an interview with an Asus representative.

For the USA market, this is great news. The Transformer tablets have been the crown jewel for Asus especially in the North American market. Having the new ZenPad S available to pre order or to buy shortly after the Computex unveiling will be a big help to keep the momentum going for Asus.

Lastly, we should add another piece of the puzzle just for the doubters out there. In the P01M FCC documentation, this is what is said:

We, ASUSTeK Computer Inc, hereby attest to the fact that we will apply the Declaration of Conformity procedure to the class B computer peripheral portion of this composite filing.

What does that mean? All we can do is speculate as the the words “computer peripheral portion” as being the keyboard docking station. That would further our believe in the ZenPad S being the first to USA.

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