First Leak – Full Details – Specs, Price, Photo

Today is the first real leak into the world of ZenPad tablets. None of this information is official, but part of the specs are from a recent FCC submission which is a legitimate source of information.

First, on May 13, there was a FCC submission by Asus for a model known as P01M. From what we understand, and this info is not official or in this FCC submission, this is the 8-inch ZenPad 8 model. We are expecting the model numbers to be Z380C, Z380CG (3G model) and Z380KL (4G LTE model). The specs may include: Intel Atom Z3560 or Z3530 Moorefield processor, 2GB of RAM, with a nice QXGA resolution of 2048 x 1546 pixels.

ZenPad 8 FCC Submission

ZenPad 8 FCC Submission


Next is the ZenPad 7 which have been listed on a couple Russian websites already. We don’t necessarily believe the specs that have been posted because when there is a resolution of 1024 x 600, that does not seem accurate. Asus wants these to be high end tablets at a reasonable price. With that rumored resolution, those are not premium “Zen” type devices. What we can say, is that the models should include the following: Z170C, Z170CG (3G LTE model) and the Z170KL (4G LTE model with Snapdragon processor). Color choices mentioned so far include white or black.

What’s interesting so far is that there is only the single ZenPad FCC submission. Asus has stated that they will have hero country and hero product. So does that mean for the USA market, that there may only be a 8-inch model and not the 7-inch? Yes, there will be the ZenPad S Transformer and perhaps a 10-inch ZenPad, but in terms of the smaller form factor, perhaps Asus will keep the option minimal in the North American market. If we don’t see any further FCC ZenPad submissions in the following week, then our theory has legs. Most times, companies want to unveil a line-up and we would see a cluster of FCC submissions. This has been seen by Asus over the years. Stay tuned for updates!

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