How long until you can buy a ZenPad?

In years past, we’ve seen amazing products from Asus at Computex. However, the time from Computex to buying one of the new products at times seems long and drawn out. We have no indicators how it will turn out this  year, but we’re very hopeful.

The unveil of the new Asus tablets will be on June 1st. We do know that for the USA market, the ZenPad 8 appears to have been processed about 2 weeks ago. If we just use the FCC filing, it usually means about a month at the earliest from the time it’s at the FCC. Putting it all together, our best hope is that at least the ZenPad 8 – Z380C or Z380KL will be available in mid to late June in the USA market.

We have seen and heard Asus with a new focus on hero countries and hero products. With that in mind, less countries to worry about should make getting the tablets to market faster and more efficient. Asus is going to create a great buzz at Computex this year and they really should capitalize on that momentum by announcing a hard date for pre orders to begin. A week or two after the show would be amazing!

On the negative side for the USA market is the fact that only one of the ZenPad tablets had been through the FCC. That means if a model hits the FCC on June 1 or even later this week, a early July availability is about the earliest we would expect.

Check back with us because we are looking for all indicators for when people will be able to pre order or buy ZenPads. The FCC will be the best indicator for the USA market and we are monitoring that constantly. Stay tuned!

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