Poll Results – Most popular size is the 8-inch tablet

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our poll question. We asked you what size ZenPad you are most interested in. In order, here are the results:

  1. 8-inch
  2. 10-inch
  3. 9-inch
  4. 7-inch

Asus will be happy to see the 8-inch win the poll because it appears the next Transformer (ZenPad S) is going to be of the 8-inch variety. It was so popular in fact that there was almost a 2:1 preference. The 10-inch tablet was the second place result, but received pretty much half of the votes of the 8-inch.

I think it’s quite interesting about the 7-inch size. Beyond that, it does appear right now that Asus is going to be release 2 variations of the 7-inch ZenPad. I wonder though, would a digitizer stylus and or phone capabilities change your perspective on a 7-inch tablet? For me it most certainly would. It’s quite amazing though how different the marketplace is now regarding the 7-inch size. A few years ago, the MeMO Pad at CES which later became the Nexus 7 was one of the greatest, most hyped Android tablets ever. Now it appears that the larger smartphones are indeed weakening the 7-inch size demand in the marketplace.

What did you vote for and why did you choose that size as being your favorite?

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