A tablet with stylus teased in new Computex teaser photo

It’s not the image so much that has us intrigued, as it is the text associated with the latest Computex teaser.

Here is the text worth pondering from the latest Computex teaser:

It’s written in the stars.

We’ve speculated in the past about the possibility of a Note or Pro version tablet that uses a digitizer stylus pen. It’s proven to be a winner in the past for Asus, especially with the Eee Slate Windows tablet from many years ago. It does also appear that Apple is coming out with a pen enabled Pro version tablet that is going to be around 12-inches big.

So referring to “written in the stars”, one can only imagine what this means. Asus has already dabbled in the digitizer stylus tablets in recent years with the Vivo Tab 810 and the FonePad Note. Based on this teaser image and the text, it’s clear they are talking about a tablet with a stylus. The only question is whether this is a phone enabled tablet or not.

So far, this is our favorite teaser for sure. We love the idea of the stylus functionality, especially for people with children. It’s a big bonus for education.



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