Computex teaser hints at a Note tablet. ZenPad C perhaps?

zenpad-fonepad-note-6-tabletWe have flip flopped on this one. At first we were convinced that the ZenPad C was the rebrand of the FonePad. Then after seeing the Z170C in numerous places on, we had to rethink our original thought.

We flipped our thinking to the C-series being a budget 7-inch Asus tablet over the past week. However, something didn’t seem right about that theory. We have seen a Z170CG and Z170KL which are not what we consider to be budget or low price devices. Those 2 models with cellular connectivity are not budget in our mind. Further, we’ve seen import information elsewhere that shows the Z170CG as not being cheaply priced. Lastly, we did hear from Asus CEO Jerry Shen say that Asus would not be pursuing the low end tablet market. Part of the Zen branding is to have premium looking devices at great prices. Low specs and cost cutting seems non “Zen” as it were.

So after a bit more consideration, and of course the latest Computex teaser about, “It’s written in the stars”, featuring an image that show a chrome outline of a tablet shape, says to us quite clearly that there is a note tablet in the works. This makes us rethink the ZenPad C and what it might be.

We believe at this point that the ZenPad C is a “note” tablet. We believe that the Z170C model is simply a tablet without cellular connectivity. The other models we’ve seen, the Z170CG and Z170KL would appear to us to be a Fonepad Note device. So you get the phone, the tablet and the digitizer stylus. It sounds like a full package. However, when looking at the import pricing we’ve seen, it’s a logical conclusion. It’s clear the Computex teaser is about a tablet. Thus, the ZenPad C Note is our “best guess” at this point.



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  1. brillo May 30, 2015 at 9:48 pm #

    I’m all over stylus. Would hope for 8 in her but if only 7, I’m buying one.

  2. Carl May 30, 2015 at 9:49 pm #

    I read other sites talking about a low spec model that’s z170c. Now I’m really confused.

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