We think ZenPad C is the new FonePad brand. Here’s why. [Updated]


[Update: See Below]

This post is pure speculation, but it’s fun to consider what’s going to be announced soon from Asus. The initial leaks on the internet included some image and also a few, somewhat random model numbers and specs. We doubted the specs at the time and a lot of the initial rumors we questioned. In an effort to gain credibility with you, our visitor, we hope to reference these types of posts at a later date. If we can demonstrate our ability to sleuth Asus tablets, we hope you can trust us in the future with our information and expertise.

So now we need to evaluate the Z170CG and Z170MG. Both of these models have been listed officially by Asus. Of course there is an outside chance that there is a typo. Afterall, these aren’t even released yet and we’ve seen companies misrepresent their products before.

So these are shown as ZenPad C tablets. We also know that ZenPad S means the new Transformer brand. Thus, it would make sense that a letter assignment will indicate a product line-up. The initial rumors suggested that the Z170CG was the ZenPad 7. We say no to that suggestion.

The CG and MG indicate 3G enabled tablets. We haven’t seen (in one place we have seen it, but we believe it to be a typo) a Z170C model. A tablet with that listing indicates no 3G or 4G LTE which would certainly prove our theory wrong and ZenPad C being the new FonePad.

So we can now add to our argument, and utilize some import data. Here are the key pieces of detail, which is all about the price points:

  • FonePad 8 FE380CG – 9,755
  • ZenPad Z300C – 12,999
  • ZenPad C Z170CG – 11,444

So the key price in the list is the FonePad 8. The Z300C is what we believe is the 10-inch tablet (formally the MeMO Pad 10) and is the most expensive of the bunch. But if you look at the pricing, the Z170CG doesn’t make sense. For a 7-inch tablet (the MeMO Pad replacement), the one people have rumored to be the ZenPad 7 that is not matching up with the prices here. To be priced near the Z300C, the ZenPad C must be something extra. It simply cannot be a ZenPad 7 in our opinion. The fact the ZenPad C Z170CG is near to the FonePad 8, says to us that the prices are WRONG, or we are correct in suggesting that the new FonePad brand is the ZenPad C.

So did we convince you of anything? Let us know in the comments. We value your opinion.

Update: Our basis for this speculation was on the Z170C being a typo or mistake listing. However, we’ve seen this ZenPad C Z170C show up in multiple places which says to us that it’s not a typo. Thus, we are now shifting our speculation. We believe that the ZenPad C may in fact be the low end ZenPad series of tablets. Essentially like a lower end tablet from the previously known MeMO Pad line-up. The reason we suggest this is because the FonePad series requires a 3G or 4G LTE connectivity and with a ZenPad C Z170C in the mix, our logic cannot apply. In addition, the ZenPad 7 Z370C is a higher number value (3) which could very well indicate that (1) is the entry level, cheap version, but the (3) version is the premium model.


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