What tablets we expect Asus to unveil at Computex 2015

We had a bit of time to look at various leaks and rumors over the past few weeks and months. Their big flagship devices, like the Padfone were unveiled at Computex. The innovations like the Transformer Book Trio were from Computex shows. Their 3D MeMO tablet was a Computex unveil. We could go on and on, but what we care about it the here and now. So what might Asus unveil?

We expect a MeMO Pad series replacement series, named ZenPad 7 / 8 / 10. We haven’t seen any real evidence of a 10-inch model yet so it’s unclear whether that comes after Computex 2015.

We expect the Transformer Pad series to be replaced by the ZenPad S. At this point, the Transformers were 10-inch, but now it appears Asus is settling in on a 8-inch model. Will they also unveil a 10-inch ZenPad S? We have no evidence to suggest that’s happening. We hope there is a classic 10-inch size because that has been one of the flagship devices of the Asus line-up.

We expect something called the ZenPad C, which for us is the most intriguing device. We’ve settled on our prediction of this being a Note style tablet. In a sense it will be the new Fonepad. There has been very little information on the “C” tablet, so this is going to be special we hope.

With Asus already clearly on record saying that there will be fewer tablets than before, we are suggesting these may be the extent of the unveils. One thing is certain, Asus doesn’t play it safe and they could come out with something unique or completely revolutionary. Just expect some surprises!

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