ZenPad with Windows 10 – VivoTab branding no more according to Digitimes

Sometimes little nuggets of information come from interesting places. Somewhat buried in a recent Digitimes story, we see a reference to ZenPads and VivoTab tablets. If you were unaware, Asus has used the VivoTab branding for their Windows tablets.

According to Digitimes, Windows tablets will be part of the ZenPad series. Here is a quote from their article:

Asustek is able to ship about 10 million tablets a year, but the business segment is still seeing losses. To reduce costs, the vendor has recently reshaped its marketing strategy, unifying its tablet series including the Transformer Pad, Fonepad, MeMO Pad and Vivo Tab into one series, the ZenPad.

You might question the report accuracy, but based on our experience, Digitimes is pretty much bang on when it comes to Asus news. Thus, you can see that the “Vivo Tab” will be part of the ZenPad series.

To be fair, we have seen nothing or heard nothing to indicate that there will be Windows based ZenPads. However it does make sense from what we’ve heard from the Asus CEO, Jerry Shen about the company trying to simplify and reduce their number of tablet models. At this point, we’re just not sure which naming the Windows based tablets will have.

[source: Digitimes]

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