Does it matter if the ZenPad S keyboard dock doesn’t have a battery?

In the past, the Asus Transformer tablet keyboard docks featured a battery. This allowed Asus to market this tablet series as having some real incredible battery life. However, with the Transformer Book Chi, which is essentially the Windows Transformer, we’ve seen Asus go with a design that does not have a battery in the keyboard dock.

First, the benefits to not having a battery in the keyboard dock would be price, thinness and weight. The benefits are clearly in added portability because the keyboard dock battery can charge the tablet while in a docked position.

The question is how Asus will be approaching the new ZenPad S series and whether a battery in the keyboard is part of the plan.

Our hope is that the ZenPad S indeed uses a battery in the docking station. One issue against that decision will be in the fact that tablets now have much better battery life than the original Eee Pad tablets. Having an extra battery is not quite as critical as before. Further to that, the growing popularity of external battery packs can also deal with depleted tablet battery life. It does sound like we’re talking ourselves out of having the battery included in the dock. However, from a selling point, a whopping battery life spec does make a difference. It could be a bragging point for Asus as it were.

We’re just days away from finding out. What’s your feeling on the battery in or not in the keyboard station? Is it a “must have” or will your decision not come down to this feature?

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