ZenPad branded tablets featuring Windows 10 not likely

Upon first hearing of Asus moving to the ZenPad branding, we wondered about the Windows versions and where those would fit in. What we’ve seen in the past is the VivoTab line-up being for Windows.

When we see a Vivo Watch and other similar branded Vivo products, it makes us curious. Will Windows 10 be part of the ZenPad branding?

In short, the answer appears to be no. At the most recent investors conference, we heard from Asus CEO Jerry Shen who spoke again about ZenPad tablets. He mentioned that ZenPad was replacing the MeMO Pad and FonePad branding. He did not mention ZenPad replacing VivoTab or Transformer Pad. As a result of this added information, we can conclude that there will continue to be the other branded tablets, as a way to distinguish the Windows line-up vs. the Android based line-up.

Initially we hoped that it would be one brand name for any Asus tablet, but we appear incorrect in our assumption. Of course should there be a dual boot tablet with Android and Windows OS, perhaps that’s one way you might see Windows OS on a ZenPad.

[source: Asus.com]

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