Mystery Asus tablets showing up in India

It’s always good to look at other countries to see what’s moving and shaking. India is a real technology hotbed and people love their gadgets. India has also been a big target for Asus efforts.

In this case, we have a number of interesting mystery Asus tablets showing on in India. I will say right off the bat that this is a guessing game and there is not indicator on what these actually might be. Are they the ZenPads? Likely, but not guaranteed. We can have some fun with this. The only way we can really distinguish these tablets is based on their listed prices. From there, we can discuss further.

So here is what we have seen over the past few weeks for Asus tablets showing up in India. These are listed as “tablet computer”.

June 3 – ₹ 7,793

June 12 – ₹ 13,080

June 16 – ₹ 11,445

June 19 – ₹ 9,810

June 24 – ₹ 11,409

For the sake of comparison, here are some listed import prices of other Asus products in India (not actual retail prices):

FE380CG-1A071A – ₹ 9,755 (retailing for around ₹ 13,999)

X205TA – ₹ 11,400 (retailing for around ₹ 14,999)

So here is where we can get into some guessing games. I might be logical to assume that the ₹ 13,080 tablet is the Z580 Series ZenPad S 8.0 model. From there it might be safe to say the ₹ 11,445 and ₹ 11,409 might be the ZenPad 8.0 models. The ZenPad 7 could be the ₹ 9,810 and the ZenPad C 7.0 could be the ₹ 7,793.

If you look at the markup into retail, are these prices accurate for what a ZenPad might be? The ₹ 14,999 is around $236 USD. Keep in mind though, Asus products are priced lower than the India market (for reasons unknown to us). So if it’s showing here around $236, that likely means a $200 USD to $225 USD price.


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