ZenPad Prices – What We Know So Far

In the past month, we’ve used various online sources as a basis to guess what the ZenPad pricing will be. In this article, we will take published pricing and using that information, we will translate that into US dollars, Euros, UK Pound, and Canada CAD. We will be distinguishing published prices from our “best guess” or “projected” pricing. Again, there has been absolutely NO official word from Asus for the pricing of their new tablets. Keep that in mind and realize that these are estimates.

ZenPad C 7.0 Price

Keep one thing in mind, although we have calculated this into USD (US dollars), the ZenPad C is the budget series. We are not expecting these to arrive in the USA. The Nexus 7, 16GB model in the USA costs around $165. So is a $199 price tag for a newer ZenPad C 7.0 with 3G about right being priced at $199? Perhaps.

Z170C – wifi model

Updated Price: $100 USD or less. Our initial price estimate below does appear to be off by quite a bit. Could this be sold as a $99 tablet in the US market? It sure seems like it base on our secret sauce.

Price: $140 USD to $150 USD (when considering exchange rates, we expect this price to be $140 USD to $150 USD)

Z170CG – 3G cellular enabled

Updated Price: $125 USD or less. As with the Z170C, we believe that our first price estimate below was quite a bit too high. At this point we expect the 3G model to be priced around $125 USD or less.

Price: $160 USD to $170 USD (exchange rates and suggested retail price varies by country, but we expect this to be around $165 USD)

ZenPad 10 Price

We are expecting the 10-inch ZenPad to be for sale in most of the major markets for Asus. Older 10-inch tablet, such as the Samsung Tab 3 is priced around the $250 to $300 USD range. We think our estimate is on point with other similar tablets.

Z300C – 10-inch ZenPad with optional keyboard accessory, Z Stylus pen functionality

Price: $220 USD to $250 USD

Please Note: We have used various methods, or a “secret sauce” if you prefer, to make this calculations. These are our estimates and are NOT actual retail prices. When we get official pricing details, we will update this article immediately. We will be adding more ZenPad models to this list as we find more details.

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