Slow news day these days…

Aside from recent FCC information, there hasn’t been a lot of news coming out regarding official details and ZenPad tablets. We are all over this, and new details are scarce, to say the least.

Our best advice is to hang tight, and check with us. We promise that if there is news out there, we will have it. It’s what we do and it’s what we want to provide you.

We are still confident in the mid to late July release date for the ZenPad line-up. The FCC submission dates are on track for that. Pre orders, as we’ve been consistent about, should be starting late June or early July at the latest. We simply don’t have any official price information, but we have put together some educated guesses based on various online resources.

We know one thing. The Zenfone has been quite a success for Asus. It’s unclear what effect that’s having on the marketing rollout for the ZenPad tablets, but it may be a consideration. Most articles and coverage in Zenfone, which would be diminished or watered down if Asus starts pushing out their ZenPad marketing. The two devices are different, but momentum is hard to achieve and keeping it going for as long as possible makes sense from a business perspective.

What we hope to see in the next week are some official details. We believe next week is going to be a big news week and hopefully Asus releases more product photos and images along with some promotional videos. Stay with us, we’re tracking all things ZenPad!

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  1. Martin June 20, 2015 at 3:51 am #

    I hope there will be news soon. I find the S 8.0 very interesting, but I can’t say I’m happy with the way Asus is (not) communicating about the release date. I understand your points about marketing, but would it have hurt to already mention the release date? And I hope that such information will be broader than only one market (such as the US); I, for instance, am most interested in the release in Western Europe.

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