ZenPad C 7.0 for $99 in USA – Cheapest Android Tablet

Breaking News! Although not yet available to pre order, we’re seeing our first real retail pricing for a ZenPad tablet. How does $99 USD grab you? It’s true and honestly, how about the fact this is the price point we had earlier guessed with our “secret sauce”?

So when we’re talking budget, I guess that’s certainly true for the ZenPad C Series. Keep in mind the resolution which is just 1024 x 600. What is doesn’t have? It doesn’t have the replaceable back covers or interchangeable design as Asus describes it.

What is the price in other countries? We have seen with the recent Zenfone 2 pricing, that Canada should get the $99 price as well. Countries like India, we’ve seen prices slightly higher, perhaps 15% to 20% higher than USA prices. Other Asia countries should expect to see increased prices of 10% to 20% from this $99 USD pricing. Of course this is based on prior experience and isn’t a set official price for countries outside of the US. We’re trying to help as best we can!

So the Z170CG is the 3G version and we don’t expect that in the USA, but other markets, especially in Asia, certainly will see it. A best guess on our part, is that the Z170CG would be around $125 to $140 in USD. We will leave the calculations up to you in your own currency. This is about the bump in price we’ve seen from Asus with their other tablets when it comes to non 3G compared to their 3G offerings.

What does this tell us about the other ZenPad tablets and their prices? I would suggest that a lot of the ZenPad models will be coming below or around the $200 price range in USD. The hero model, the ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) is still a total guess on our part, so we will leave that for now. Just keep in mind that the ZenPad 7.0, ZenPad 8.0 and ZenPad 10 are not super high end in terms of their display resolution. Thus, a low price point is certainly a very real thing.

Stay tuned, things are just heating up around here!




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  1. Shinobi July 2, 2015 at 1:48 am #

    I’m very interested in the ZenPad 8, and hope the price point is below $200.00. Thanks for the great website! I’ll keep checking back for more info.

    • Staff July 2, 2015 at 1:58 am #

      We are going to be publishing a new article. I can tell you based on our information, you’re going to be happy about these ZenPad prices. One word? Wow.

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