Asus adds product page for Z Stylus [Updated] – Details and Photos

As somebody with kids, I can really appreciate a tablet with stylus pen input. It’s a huge value added feature from both a usability perspective and even from an educational perspective. In fact, if your kids are young, the educational value is worth the price of admission!

The Z Stylus is only compatible with the ZenPad S 8 (Z580CA) model and the ZenPad 10 (all models, Z300C, Z300CG, and Z300CL).

Here are some key specs and features of Z Stylus:

  • 1.2mm tip
  • two buttons can be programmed for hover or erase functions
  • Palm Rejection technology
  • requires 1 AAA battery
  • up to 150 hours of use or 225 days of standby
  • doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection
  • comes with an additional durable tip
  • weighs 12g
  • price is $29.99 US, $49.99 CAD [updated]
  • release date: unknown

Photo Gallery:


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