Cheapest ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA model may be priced at $239 US to $229 US

Note: See update below.

Believe me when I say we are constantly sifting through various content to determine accurate prices and configurations to report to you. We are 99% certain that the cheapest model (variant as we like to say) is looking to cost $229 US. However, we do have some questions.

First, we have seen conflicting information about what processor this version of the ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) has inside. If you just look at the website, it clearly states only the Intel Z3580 or Intel Z3560 processors. However, we’ve also seen a listing for a version with an Intel Z3530 processor. So should we trust the official specs page on That would make sense, however even manufacturers websites are sometimes incorrect. In fact we’ve seen documentation online that indeed shows the Z580CA with an Intel Z3530 and not just one model. This particular documentation shows a number of Z580CA models with the Z3530 processor. At this point, it’s speculation. There could be issues or pricing issues around the Intel Atom Z3560. Simply said, we have seen too much conflicting information.

We know that the Z580C model has the Intel Z3530 processor and this particular model has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. It’s is priced at $199 US. So if the cheapest Z580CA is priced at $229, could it have the Z3530 or the Z3560?

We need to look at the $30 price jump. The Z580C does not have the Z Stylus pen input support. It does not have the USB Type-C port. It also doesn’t have the Tru2Life+ enhancement technology. If all other features/specs remain equal, then you would be paying for the pen input support, Tru2Life+ and the USB Type-C port. We simply don’t have the intelligence to determine the cost of materials, but putting in a faster processor plus all those other extras for $30? Seems unlikely. Beyond that we also believe the hero model of the Z580CA is going to be priced at $369 US.

Our verdict? We believe the cheapest ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) model will be sporting the Intel Atom Z3530 (not the Z3560 as suggested on the Asus website) and will be priced at $229 US. Because it’s only $30 more than the Z580C, we certainly  think those extra features are worth the upgrade.

Update: With conflicting information so far, it’s possible for this tablet to be priced from $229 US to $239 US. If we had to pick one, we think $239 is right. Let’s wait for the official word on pricing!

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