New variation of ZenPad S8.0 (Z580C) spotted with faster processor

We’ve already been surprised once to see the official specs of the ZenPad S8 (Z580CA) to include a new variation with a Z3560 processor. Now there are 2 models. One with the Z3580 @ 2.3GHz and one with Z3560 @ 1.8GHz.

Now it appears like it’s the Z580C that is going to have a couple variations. It’s even possible that the official spec sheet for the S model Z580C needs to be updated. If is correct, then there will be one model with a Z3530 @ 1.33GHz and one with a Z3560 @ 1.83GHz may be added in the near future the official spec sheet. Right now still lists just the Z3530, but we’ve found other details online that indicate there will in fact be a model featuring the Z3560 processor. To be honest, the Z3530 seems a bit on the slow side for the flagship series, so let’s see if that spec gets replaced all together with the Z3560 processor. That would not surprise us to see.

Once again we’re getting into that confusing situation where telling you about the Z580C tablet may not be the same Z580C configuration that you are considering buying. Bottom line is, check the specs carefully. Let the price be the true indicator of what’s inside. Each country is going to get their own flavors as it were.

The countdown is on! We have good details coming up!

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