Fact or Fiction: Is a Mobile Dock for the ZenPad 10 coming?

This may be become a regular feature on the site where we look at rumors and discuss whether the details are likely to be real or false.

In this first installment, we want to look at the possibility of a Mobile Dock for the ZenPad 10 series. To be clear, we know about the Audio Dock, but we are talking about a second option. A mobile dock.

The currect Audio Dock is built for audio and from what we’re read, it does an amazing job. A Mobile Dock however could provide a trackpad and or more versatility in terms of ports and functionality. I think a Mobile Dock with battery would also be very welcomed and it is something that Asus did in the past with the Transformer Pad line-up.

We also know that Asus CEO, Jerry Shen discussed the need for redesigned mobile keyboards for their upcoming products. Asus have always been leaders when it comes to comfortable keyboards on small mobile devices. As good as the ZenPad 10 Audio Dock is, a different option that is more like the traditional Transformer keyboards would be a nice addition to the series.


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