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Updated Asus Z Stylus compatibility – Will it work with my ZenPad?

This updated list of compatible ZenPad tablets may be a disappointment to some of you. The reality is, with the launch of new ZenPad 10 models, there is a fair amount of confusion out there regarding whether the Z Stylus is compatible with some, all, or none of the updated ZenPad 10 tablets. The Asus […]

Z Stylus Review – Asus ZenPad Stylus Review

Asus Z Stylus Review Asus are no strangers when it comes to stylus pen input on their tablets and devices. In fact, their original Eee Note featuring a digitizer stylus was one of the first on the market around that time in 2010. Asus tablet products like the Eee Slate in 2011 was one of the first […]

Get a Z Stylus for $29.99 in the US and it’s in stock right now!

Updated May 28th: IN STOCK. Well we do look daily to find you deals or in-stock ZenPad accessories. The Z Stylus is a great addition to a Z580CA or ZenPad 10 but it has been in short supply. We are very glad to tell you that right now you can get a Z Stylus from […]

Fact or Fiction: Is a Mobile Dock for the ZenPad 10 coming?

This may be become a regular feature on the site where we look at rumors and discuss whether the details are likely to be real or false. In this first installment, we want to look at the possibility of a Mobile Dock for the ZenPad 10 series. To be clear, we know about the Audio […]

UK Shoppers – Finally a ZenPad 10 Audio Dock Keyboard available to buy!

Update: Sorry folks, this eBay listing has ended and we are now trying to find other options for UK shoppers. One of the most common questions we get at is about the illusive ZenPad 10 Audio Dock keyboard. This is especially true from UK visitors who have been asking when or where they can […]

ZenPad Theater available to buy in Malaysia for RM 999.00

Asus has created a bundle which is branded as ZenPad Theatre. This means you’re getting either a ZenPad 7.0 or ZenPad 8.0 bundled with the brilliant Audio Cover accessory. The model available in Malaysia for RM 999.00 is the Z380KL which is the ZenPad 8.0 with a quad-core Snapdragon processor. It comes with 16GB storage […]