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Tablets bundled with Audio Cover are ZenPad Theater

We spotted something interesting and new on the website. This is a first mention of something branded “ZenPad Theater”. In fact Asus has created a new product page listing. So what is it? We were initially confused but we figured it out: “ASUS ZenPad Theater is a tablet entertainment bundle that comes with ASUS […]

Audio Cover (speaker case) for ZenPad 8.0 now available in the US

This is a big deal for anyone looking at buying the 8-inch ZenPad 8.0 tablet. The Audio Cover is now available in the Asus US online store for $69. The Audio Cover replaces the back cover of the ZenPad 8.0 and have a 5.1-speaker system built right into the case. So in other words, this […]

Coming Soon to US – Audio Cover Case for ZenPad 8.0

We’ve been hoping for some indicators for the ZenPad 8.0 (Z380C/Z380CX/Z380KL) accessories coming to North America. We’ve spotted the Audio Cover in the Asus US online store, priced at $59.99 and listed as “Coming Soon”. Not shipping, but seeing a listing does suggest it’s going to be available to buy very soon. Outside of Taiwan, […]