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Is the ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) better than the iPad mini 4?

This could be a juicy battle royal in the  coming months. The summer is about to heat up a bit when it comes to the best of the best tablets on the market. Make no mistake about it, the ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) is going to be the greatest of all Asus tablet offerings. It’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0) vs ZenPad 8.0 (Z380C, Z380KL)

Today we’re looking at how the ZenPad 8.0 series compares to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (8.0) tablet. This looks to be a close contest! Let’s first look at the displays. Both of these tablets have a 1280 x 800 resolution. Asus does use the Tru2Life Technology to brighten up the contrast and detail, but […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1) vs. ZenPad 10 (Z300C, Z300CG, Z300CL)

Samsung is definitely in the sights of Asus so it’s well worth looking at comparisons between the two. We’ve done a fair number of Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. ZenPad articles so far, and we hope to cover every model out there currently. So on the surface, this does appear to be a reasonable vs. comparison. […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 vs. ZenPad 10 (Z300 Series)

One of our readers suggested a more fair vs. comparison article would have the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 up against the Z300 Series (ZenPad 10). We agree with that visitor, so we’re putting out a few Galaxy Tab A comparison articles. Thanks for the suggestion! The Galaxy Tab A series is the more budget friendly […]

Comparison: ZenPad 7.0 Series (Z370) vs. ZenPad C 7.0 Series (Z170)

Let’s go with a battle of budget vs. not so budget. We don’t expect the ZenPad 7.0 to have an expensive price, but it will be more expensive that the ZenPad C for sure. There are some variances between models when adding in 3G or 4G LTE functionality. The ZenPad 7.0 has a base version, […]

ZenPad 8.0 vs ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C)

We’ve been trying to come up with every conceivable comparison vs. article that will benefit you our reader. In this case, even brothers and sisters fight from time to time. ZenPad vs ZenPad? Sure, why not. In this situation, you might be asking whether the extra price for the ZenPad S is worth it for […]