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The hero is coming! ZenPad Z580CA shows up at FCC

We spoke recently about a mysterious ZenPad with the product or model number P01MA that showed up on the Bluetooth Product directory. This was an oddity as the P01M was shown to be the Z580C, the $199 ZenPad S 8.0 that is currently exclusive to Best Buy. So when we spotted the P01MA, it was […]

ZenPad 10 Keyboard (DA01) passes through the FCC

The road to the ZenPad release date marches onward. Today we see the ZenPad 10 keyboard dock making a stop at the FCC. We know the ID number, DA01 as being the keyboard. Look at the label location diagram and it makes it quite obvious what we’re looking at: Unlike the Transformer Pad keyboard docks, […]

ZenPad 10 – Z300C (P023) passes through the FCC

We have another ZenPad at the FCC. This time it’s clearly the Z300C which is the ZenPad 10 Series, base model. The diagram this time is quite a bit better than the previous ZenPad FCC submissions. So if we look at 4 weeks being the earliest for release to the US market, then it’s looking […]

Asus tablet (P022) shows up at FCC

Finally a little bit different FCC submission by Asus here. We need to check the label position from the diagram below. So we have a more unique label position here. Unfortunately it doesn’t give a great indicator as to what model we’re looking at here. What we can gather from this recent flood of Asus […]

Another Asus tablet (P01Y) shows up at FCC

We figured there would be a rush of Asus tablets heading to the FCC and now the number stands at three. Today we’ve spotted the P01Y which shares the same label diagram as the other 2 submission. We know the first submission was a ZenPad S but we have no further details on what the […]

New Asus tablet (P01Z) shows up at FCC

Mark the date on your calendar. June 4th we have spotted a second ZenPad at the FCC. If you recall, the ZenPad S 8.0 showed up there around May 13th. So whatever the P01Z is, it will be likely seeing an early July release date in the USA and Canada. We believe that this will […]