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Calling all Z580CA owners. Let’s talk video and Tru2Life+

With the many reviews out there of the ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) there is not a lot of mention or details of the Tru2Life+ technology inside. In fact, I would suspect that there are Z580CA owners who are unaware of this video enhancement feature. Just a brief overview. All ZenPad tablets have Tru2Life, which is […]

Final Poll Results – Your preferred tablet size is 8-inches

Thank you to everyone visiting our website and participating in our first ever poll. We’ve been running this poll from about the time we launched our site in early 2015. This has been very interesting to watch over the months to see what size people want for a tablet. During a majority of time running […]

With Apples iPad Pro, should we expect an Asus ZenPad Pro?

As Apple goes in the tablet space, so does the competition. Think back to when the iPad showed up. The competitors were almost a year behind playing catch up. The tablet sales, across the board have been slowing down. People mostly own one or two and there apparently hasn’t been a compelling reason to upgrade. […]

Many ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA reviews fail to mention Z Stylus support

Quite a number of websites are now starting to roll out their ZenPad S reviews. Let’s hope that stock levels return so that people reading reviews who are looking to buy a Z580CA can do so in the US and elsewhere around the globe. But the point here is about the Z Stylus as part […]

Does Asus need a ZenPad S 8.0 Max? Is battery life a deal breaker?

Battery life on mobile devices is interesting. When traveling on a ferry I use often, I always see people scrambling to find a plug-in outlet to charge their devices. Usually the outlet is up near the ceiling and it’s quite comical to see people standing with their smartphones plugged in high above their head. At […]

How much would you pay for 10, 11 or 12-inch ZenPad S 8.0?

Intentionally or not, Asus has created one model of ZenPad that is taking the spotlight. There are a number of models, but it would appear that the ZenPad S 8.0 is most desirable and it appears by quite a long shot. So when we’re talking next generation, it’s not too early. Look at the Zenfone […]