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Audio Cover (speaker case) for ZenPad 8.0 now available in the US

This is a big deal for anyone looking at buying the 8-inch ZenPad 8.0 tablet. The Audio Cover is now available in the Asus US online store for $69. The Audio Cover replaces the back cover of the ZenPad 8.0 and have a 5.1-speaker system built right into the case. So in other words, this […]

Coming Soon! ZenPad 10 Keyboard Dock ($59.99) shows up at US Asus online store.

The wait may be nearing an end for those of you looking for the illusive keyboard dock (Audio Dock)  in the US market. For a while now the ZenPad 10 tablet has been available, but nowhere has the keyboard dock been seen. In fact it’s pretty illusive no matter which market you’re looking at. The […]

Live in US and want a Z580CA? Hurry! Asus Store USA has in stock!

Update: Oct 6, 10pm ET, Now showing in stock. The reason we say hurry? There must not be many available to buy, but certainly there are some available to buy. I think it’s safe to say this is the only place in the US where you can currently buy the Z580CA-C1 model. The true hero […]

US Asus store now has ZenPad TriCover cases IN STOCK.

This is actually a big deal. For the first in the US, you can order an in-stock, Asus TriCover for your ZenPad tablet. Yes, this includes ZenPad S 8.0 TriCover cases! Black color is in stock for the Z300C, Z580C and Z580CA. It appears that the case comes only with a pen holder and we […]

US ZenPad owners, official Asus accessories are coming soon!

Understandably, one of the most common questions we get on the site is about cases and accessories. That would include the TriCover cases and the Z Stylus at the top of the “most wanted” list. Although this isn’t an announcement that they are shipping and available to buy, we do have some news which indicates […]

Z Stylus up for pre order – price is $29.99 US

We’ve spotted a first listing in the US for the Asus Z Stylus and it’s available for pre order. The price is $29.99. What we can’t say for certain is the release date/shipping date. Link: Click Here to pre order from (International Shipping Available) As a friendly reminder, we must mention that the Z […]