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Verizon gets exclusive ZenPad Z10 (ZT500KL) LTE tablet – Sells for $229 to $329 USD

As we had a hunch a number of months ago, indeed the ZenPad Z10 is here and it’s a Verizon exlusive. The biggest difference between this model and the ZenPad 3S 10 would be in the processor. This Verizon exclusive comes with a LTE enabled processor which is a Snapdragon 650 Hexa-Core @ 1.8GHz with […]

Is a 10-inch ZenPad Z10 headed to Verizon next?

We have seen quite clearly in the past few weeks that Asus is still going to be shaking things up in the Android tablet space. Last week the ZenPad Z8 showed up on Verizon at a price which is pretty much unbeatable in terms of value vs. cost comparison. If you look at similar, yet […]

Another mystery tablet ZT581KL – T Series? Transformer? Trio?

We’ve already talked a bit about a mystery Asus tablet only known as ZT500KL. Now we’re seeing a ZT581KL which appears on the surface (no pun intended) to be part of a series. Our initial thought with the ZT500KL is that it was going to be a “T” ZenPad Transformer. We were trying to make […]

What is the ZT500KL?

Watching new products come to market is always an exciting time. We have thoroughly enjoyed following the process and evolution of Asus tablets from the beginning. When we spot something interesting and unknown, we like to talk about it. Today, let’s look at a mysterious ZT500KL. Theory A: This is simply a misprint/typo. Theory B: […]