Would you buy a ZenPad Pro?

The trend right now is for Pro models of smartphones and tablets. Apple appears set to release a big tablet, quite likely taking the iPad Pro naming. We’re seeing phablets with the Pro naming also.

So what would be a ZenPad Pro? We think that if Apple proves there is a market for a 12-inch tablet, then there is no reason for Asus not to follow suit. In fact they may already be working on one. The tablet market has been stagnant and larger tablets may be something consumers want.

Asus has already dabbled with larger 12 and 13-inch size tablets in the past. The difference now is that the designs have improved and a large table now will be far thinner and lighter than the initial releases.

With a ZenPad Pro, we would also expect to see a digitzer stylus to further expand the usability of such a premium device. From the years past, the Eee Slate featured a 12-inch size, along with a digitizer stylus pen. It was a big success and impressive tablet. We hope Asus bring a Pro ZenPad to the market that was in the same vein as the original Eee Slate.

So would you pay extra for a larger Pro version tablet? Would a digitizer stylus be mandatory?

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