ASUS needs to get back into the tablet game.

Apple has seemingly continued evolving their tablet line-ups when the Android portion of the market closed shop. Isn’t anyone paying attention?

It could be said that Android tablets have come and gone. ASUS certainly seems to agree given their abandonment of the ZenPad line-up. We haven’t come across and “official” press release saying it’s the end so there is always a glimmer of hope in our minds.

Apple has expanded and continued to improve their iPad line-up to the point where they have almost made it into a laptop computer. The Microsoft Surface filled a void, certainly. The funny thing is ASUS was doing what Apple is doing today, years ago with the Transformer Pad line-up of products.

We believe ASUS could produce a competitive product in the Android space. After all, ASUS believes enough in Chromebooks to have a bevy of options, so the idea of turning a ZenPad tablet into a workstation of sorts is entirely feasible.

More than anything, Apple is enjoying filling a void while everyone else is sitting back. There has to be some reason the iPad hasn’t been dropped and that it’s moving forward with Pro models with pen input and keyboard accessories. ASUS has the experience already and a premium option when it comes to a new ZenPad could fill a void in the market. Dare to dream?

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