4G LTE ZenPad 7.0 (Z370KL) – The Mystery Tablet

We want to have some fun here. We’ve seen in the past a mystery ZenPad 7.0 model with a listing as the Z370KL. The “K” indicates a Snapdragon processor and the ZenPad 8.0 (Z380KL) is available to buy in some markets and indeed comes with a Snapdragon processor.

So we’ve seen the Z370KL in a couple instances on the Asus website previously. However we haven’t seen anything over the past while. But today we have indeed spotted something. We found another instance of the Z370KL on the Asus.com website.

Most people appear most interested in 8-inch tablets and our poll has clearly shown a favoring of 8-inch over 7-inch. However, when it comes to a phone enabled tablet, 7-inches is quite manageable. A lot of people would not see a phone enabled 8-inch tablet as being practical.

Our theory? This 4G LTE tablet could be for a North American and or European release. We do know that Asus and AT&T have worked closely together and have sold Asus LTE tablets/convertibles in the past. It would make sense that the Asus offering at AT&T needs a refresh. An accessory rich tablet such as the ZenPad 7.0 could be a good choice especially when it’s likely to hit a low price point.

With the US already having the 7-inch ZenPad C 7.0, having a wide release of a second 7-inch tablet is perhaps too much. Asus in the past has been very wary of releasing any 3G or 4G tablets in the US market. As a company they have been far more conservative in the US market.

Perhaps the Z370KL could be a Europe only model. Beyond that, it’s possible that the instances we’ve spotted could just be listed in error and the model may have been dropped, but still exists somewhere in their specification files. We’re just speculating of course.

Screenshot of the Z370KL from Audio Cover Specification Page:


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