Official accessories prices in Canadian (CAD)

Sorry that this may be considered a teaser at this point, but we do have some news regarding ZenPad accessories for North America. We’ve posted some Taiwan prices and Germany (Euro) prices, but now we’re able to tell you some prices in CAD, or Canadian Dollars. We can’t say for certain how these will translate into US dollars, but official prices in USD should be coming up right away. For now, these are going to at least give you something to go with in terms of planning what to buy.

Release dates and availability of these accessories? We just don’t know yet, sorry to say. This is where the “teaser” aspect is mentioned.

  • Zen Case (ZenPad 8.0) – $19.99 CAD
  • Power Case (ZenPad 8.0) – $39.99 CAD
  • Z Stylus (Z580CA and Z300 Only) – $49.99 CAD

We should have addition details/prices in the coming days so please have a bit more patience! All updates (CAD prices) will be added to this post.

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