Asus goes big on ZenPad marketing with 8 minute promo video

Asus isn’t quite done with ZenPad promotional videos. We’ve seen individual Asus videos for all the models and today Asus is showing off a ZenPad overview which is more than 8 minutes long. It’s 8 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact. Is that one of the longest ever? Seems that way. Here is the video and let’s discuss below:

As expected, there is a lot of marketing of the fashion or customization options for the ZenPad series. In the video, you will get some new looks at the Zen Clutch case, which does indeed have a premium look and feel to it. Tru2Life is a big part of the ZenPad feature set, and Asus goes into some details regarding both photo enhancements and the Z580CA specific Tru2Life+ which enhanced the video playback.

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  1. Shawn August 22, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    Those voices though… disturbing.

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