Where to buy the Z580CA? Good question.

Trust us when we say that we appreciate the interest in the hero tablet from Asus, the Z580CA. At the outset this appeared to be miles ahead of the other ZenPad offerings, said with the utmost of respect to the other tablets.

As of August 26, 2015 in the United States, it appears SOLD OUT. Or “temporarily out of stock” if you prefer.

The fact is, the main retailers are not showing stock. More than that though, there aren’t any backorder or pre order (add to cart) buttons to click. This is a slightly confusing situation.

We do know that Amazon.com is shipping out Z580CA tablets that have been ordered and pre ordered. So they are right now fulfilling those orders. However, they certainly are not taking new orders. Usually you would see an order now button, with the disclaimer that it’s not in stock but will ship to you soon. There isn’t that option right now even so what gives?

It would certainly appear on the surface that the Z580CA did better than anticipated. It may indicate that people are willing to update their tablets when the right model comes along at the right price point. Even with the ZenPad 10 or cheaper ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580C), people simply want the most premium model of the ZenPad line-up.

So we do promise to update the site the second we find any Z580CA tablets shipping and in-stock. This could be at any moment honestly. If you live outside the US, take this as good information. If you are thinking about buying this model, then pre ordering seems like a good option. The interest shown towards the Z580CA in the US is likely the same situation in most parts of the world. We can say that the emails we get, most times it’s about the availability of the Z580CA.

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