Strange Asus tablet(s) shows up in India import listings

asus-zenpad-c-7-0-z170c-tablet-6Asus is set to have a big “ZenFestival” in India on Thursday, August 6 at 2pm. From all indicators, this is going to be a Zenfone event, but with Jonney Shih showing up, perhaps there will be more. The question we get a lot is about when the ZenPad tablets will be available in India. Based on the success Asus has had in India, we’re sure the ZenPad tablets will be well received. At this upcoming event though, does Asus want to overshadow their new Zenfone models with a ZenPad announcement at the same time?

So today we are seeing something quite strange from Zauba, an India import listings tracker. The entry we see is for a “Dummy Tablet Sample” which is something we really haven’t seen before. It lists it as “non fuctional” also. When looking at the full listing, we see the following: 90NP01Y1-B00010 and 90Np01Y6-B00010. The two entries could simply be for a white and black model.

If we want to analyze these details, we see something familiar in the P0Y1. That is the Z170CG (3G model) based on early details. Considering that the Z170 (ZenPad C 7.0) has shown up in most markets already, it’s entirely plausible that it’s the Z170CG showing up in India.

As expected, people are most curious about the ZenPad S 8.0, but for now, at least there appears to be some positive movement regarding India and ZenPad tablets.


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