IFA 2015 – Asus announces ZenPad tablets…again!

Asus has plenty of interesting new product at the IFA 2015 event. With great interest we were watching for tablets, and like we figured, the ZenPad tablets would see another mention.

With our keen eye on all things ZenPad, we didn’t see anything new in the slides or presentation. It wasn’t so much a Europe launch event, as in with release date information or prices in EURO. It was for all intents and purposes and opportunity to get the new brand name out in the public eye, on a big stage. Most people take awhile before picking up on brand names and switching to “ZenPad” will take some getting used to for the general public out there.

Those of you looking for some Padfone details, there were no such details. It does look like 2016 will be the time when the new Padfone comes to market. It was leaked a while back about the new upcoming Snapdragon processor being used in the next Padfone, and that processor wasn’t scheduled for devices until 2016. So for us that’s a bit disappointing as the Padfone is really innovative and interesting. We would like to cover Padfone news along with the other Asus tablet news in the future, just to keep ourselves busy!

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