Is Asus waiting for IFA 2015 to rollout ZenPads in Europe?

Certainly you can find ZenPad tablets in Europe. You see a mixed bag of results however. France has their full range of ZenPad tablets, widely available, but largely in pre order phase. The UK has had listings up for a long while now, also in the pre order phase largely. Germany has seen a incredible selection of ZenPad tablets on, only to have those removed. They did the same with the full range of official Asus ZenPad accessories. Italy has little in the way of ZenPads in retail outlets. It’s a bit odd but perhaps there is an explanation.

How about the upcoming IFA 2015 event for Asus? Although that is where Asus is expected to show off a few new Zenfone 2 models, it’s not a stretch to consider a big ZenPad announcement along with some prices in Euro. Most markets have seen launch events so it’s reasonable to expect Asus to put up some ZenPad slides along with pricing for the European market.

This is our theory and we only have hours before we know for sure. Will there be some tablet surprises from the Asus IFA 2015 event? We sure hope so, although we haven’t picked up on any leaks or rumors. That said, getting some solid release date information for the Z580CA in Europe would be nice, at the very least.

Stay with us into tomorrow morning because hopefully there is some juicy Asus tablet announcements coming up.


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