Did you send us an email and we didn’t reply? Our system has been broken!

Have you sent us an email over the past month or so and not received a response? First, please accept our apologies. Second, there appears to have been an issue with our email system. This means that replies we’ve made to you were returned to us as not deliverable. Typically these messages are because the email you’ve entered into our contact form are incorrect. However, in this unfortunate case, the issue was not with the email address you entered. Thus, messages you’ve sent to us have gone without a response. This is very unfortunate to us because one of our goals is to build a community. When you ask us a question, our goal is to provide a speedy response. Nothing is worse than asking a website a question via a contact form and then getting nothing in return.

Here is another complicating factor. If you sent us an email, chances are your email system (so ATT email addresses for example) may have blocked our IP. In these cases, now that we’re fixed on our end, you are still not going to get a reply. We can’t get it to you.

So, if you did send an email to us recently and we didn’t reply, please send another email and perhaps try using a different email address if possible. So if you have a @att.com email, perhaps use a @gmail.com email address instead. Sorry this is sounding like a hassle! We’ve never seen an issue like this and not being able to properly communicate is a big source of frustration for us.

Moving forward, there should be no issues. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Michael Warren November 14, 2015 at 4:22 pm #

    I have a ZenPad 10 but using admin and password to access my e-mails, does not work.
    Please advise (the internet connection is fine).


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