What is the Z581C mystery tablet?

We always love spotting new and interesting ZenPad models. So we’ve spotted something new. It’s the Z581C. Based purely on our hunch, and from previous models released, this is what we know:

  • It’s part of the ZenPad S line-up. We say this because the “Z5” in the model number.
  • It has the Intel Atom processor because of the “C” in model listing.

Aside from that, it’s a guessing game. We can basically rule out a 7-inch model. Being that it’s “Z58”, it could most logically be a new 8-inch variant. If you look at the ZenPad listings, the Z300 is 10-inch, the Z380 is 8-inch. Logic says that another “Z58” points at another 8-inch model. We have thought previously that a 10-inch ZenPad S would be listed a Z500C.

Speculation aside, we see the Z581C as a prototype tablet running Android OS. Price is estimated as being slightly less than that of the Asus X205TA laptop which provides a bit of perspective. Right now it’s a mystery and how this turns out, nobody knows. We’ve seen at least one other prototype tablet in the recent past, so it’s unclear if these devices will see the light of day or not.

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