US stores now selling Power Case for ZenPad 8.0

We’re starting to see a real ramp up in the ZenPad accessories, especially in the North American market. For the first time, you can buy a Power Case in the US. It’s $24.99 which is a nice price for a cover which is also packing an extra battery.

This isn’t a typical case or cover. The ZenPad 8.0 (and ZenPad 7.0) feature an interchangeable design which means the back cover pops out and you can use some of these custom accessories. Aside from the Power Case, you can also get the Audio Cover and Zen Case accessories. These fit seamlessly and look like they are just part of the tablet. Less bulk and same design features.

You can get a Power Case on hereor you can check out the Asus US online store here.

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