Asus rolls out update to ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170C)

A new software update has rolled out for the Z170C tablet. This applies to the WW model which is for North America. This version is: WW_12.26.4.45 and is rolling out right now.

There isn’t many notes on this update other than to say, “Improve system stability”. So overall performance should improve which is a nice update to see.

If you haven’t kept track of other recent updates for the ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170C) an early December updated also rolled out. This was a biggie for sure and there is a long list of improvements. The update is WW_12.26.4.42 and is for the North American model of the tablet. Here is a summary of the improvements:

  • Improve system stability
  • Improve Wi-Fi stability
  • Improve Wi-Fi performance
  • Improve BT performance
  • Improve camera stability
  • Improve camera performance
  • Improve APP IOT
  • Add Mobile manager
  • Update strings of Latvia and Lithuanian
  • Show security patch level in setting

This is definitely a major update. If you haven’t updated your Z170C recently, December is a time to do so. Perhaps you haven’t had your tablet on for a while. Get on a wifi connection now and check for updates in your system settings. Things will be performing much better after these two updates this month.

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