A closer look at the design and look of the ZenPad tablets

What’s in the design you ask? Turns out that there is a lot of planning and design that goes into designing products.

We stumbled across an interesting article which takes a closer look at some of the design and style decision making that went into the ZenPad tablets. It was quite clear from the Computex unveiling that Asus wanted a fashion friendly design. Considering that the design and look of ZenPad tablets is one of the main features, it would appear they hit the mark in terms of results.

Handbags were the design that the team first really looked at. Size wise and style wise, it seemed to make sense for the 7-inch and 8-inch size tablets. Color, look and materials were considered closely and how the overall look would be representative of a clutch bag design. Speaking of materials, it was apparently a challenge to integrate metal materials into a design of a clutch bag which of course doesn’t have such materials in their design.

Check out the ZenPad Design Story here.

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