Zenvolution! Asus creates their Computex 2016 splash page

How many more sleeps until Asus does their massive Computex 2016 unveil? Twenty three long days and nights to go. Don’t worry, we hope to comfort you with juicy details and products leaks prior to the show in 23-days.

Zenvolution is the theme of this years show for Asus. Rather than being “Zen” Pad centric, we are assuming that Asus is mainly referring to the Zenfone 3 and some new ZenBook laptops. We can however be hopeful that the next ZenPad tablets are part of the main stage presentation. In 2015 the rebranding of the Asus tablets to ZenPad was a big deal and a good chunk of the show and presentation was about the innovations of the ZenPads.

It’s definitely interesting to see the Intel logo alongside the Asus logo on the Asus events page. As you may have seen, Intel has put a stop to the Atom processor which has meant Asus will be using MediaTek and Snapdragon in their smaller, mobilecentric devices like tablets and smartphones. That said, an Asus Computex show wouldn’t be complete without an Intel rep hitting the stage.

We will be watching many different areas of the web to bring you breaking news on the next ZenPad tablets!




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