Computex 2016: ZenPad, where art thou?

Prior to Computex 2016 we speculated about ZenPad tablets and how or where they might show up at Computex 2016. We figured based on the most recent investors report that new ZenPad models likely won’t be shown during the main stage presentation. However after a few days now, we have seen no coverage or mention by any tech websites or news sources about new Asus tablets. In other words, it’s entirely possible there are no ZenPads at Computex 2016.

We certainly hoped to have some new goodies to discuss or post about coming out of Computex 2016. All hope is not lost. Some news or details could be coming out. We’ve checked though the various sources online and came up empty and after sorting through most all YouTube coverage of Asus at Computex 2016 we simply don’t see mentions of ZenPad tablets.

We do know there is the new ZenPad Z8 coming to Verizon. We do expect a new 10-inch ZenPad which has hero like specs. We also expect a new ZenPad C 7.0 soon. The question is when we will get news on those. It’s entirely possible that the 10-inch ZenPad is set for the Verizon network as the Z10.

It’s amazing to think about Computex 2015 and the role ZenPad tablets had during that show. In a short year it’s a reversal of fortunes. However it does underscore the need for companies to adjust and adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace. In that sense, Asus has made big adjustments in their plans.

We could cross into Transformer coverage on this site, but we would prefer feedback from you, our visitors whether that would seem appropriate or not. Obviously the Transformer Series is Windows based and is a 2-in-1 product. We’ve stayed on course with ZenPad coverage, but should we expand so that there is more products to discuss? Please let us know and help guide us. Email or comments are welcome!

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