Is a 10-inch ZenPad Z10 headed to Verizon next?

We have seen quite clearly in the past few weeks that Asus is still going to be shaking things up in the Android tablet space. Last week the ZenPad Z8 showed up on Verizon at a price which is pretty much unbeatable in terms of value vs. cost comparison. If you look at similar, yet more dated flagship tablets from Apple and Samsung on Verizon, Asus comes well under those price points.

So what about adding a 10-inch option with a Z10 at Verizon? We say yes, that would be amazing. If you can add in the Z Stylus support and possibly the keyboard dock, that’s going to be a solid option for people to consider.

One of the most impressive aspects of the ZenPad 10 that we reviewed, was the Z Stylus capability and the absolutely terrific front facing speakers. When you consider video watching a music, the first generation 10-inch ZenPad was great.

A ZenPad Z10 would most likely carry the higher end resolution in comparison to the Z300 Series. With the 8-inch model just seeing a release date, we’re not sure when or even if Asus and Verizon will unveil something in the 10-inch size. We hope soon, but stay tuned. We would expect Asus wants to get new products in stores prior to summer vacation and traveling.

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