Asus P027 tablet gets to FCC – Second sighting but remains a mystery

Update: The P027 is in fact a 10-inch tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio. We believe it’s the ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M) model.

The mysterious P027 is still a mystery. It showed up a while ago in benchmark tests, but now it’s certainly poised for a US release and possibly other areas of the globe as well.

What we know from the benchmark is that it has 2GB of RAM and uses a MediaTek processor at 1.7 GHz speed. That is about all the information we have currently.

Based on the FCC documentation, it certainly appears to be a 8-inch, and possible a 7-inch tablet. It’s not a 10-inch model based on the diagrams and label location. The orientation is off for the P027 to be a 10-inch tablet.

Now as for Nexus 7 (2016) thoughts? With a MediaTek processor and 2GB of RAM this certainly wouldn’t indicate a new Nexus 7 (2016) model.

The specs don’t indicate a top end ZenPad S refresh, so we are certainly puzzled. We expect to see this model in retail in a month at the earliest. Quite likely it will be six to eight weeks from a retail release.

[source: FCC]

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  1. Kinyi June 21, 2016 at 7:58 am #

    Hope there will be NEW ZenPad S 8.0 coming

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