New Asus tablet P00I at FCC. First sighting of ZenPad Z10 (ZT500KL)?

A new Asus tablet has shown up at the FCC and goes by the model P00I. This is a first sighting and remains a mystery at this point.

The timing is curious however. The ZenPad 3 8.0 has not been announced internationally like the ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M) which was announced in Taiwan during their Zenfone unveiling event. With the Zenfone 3 showing up at the FCC about 8 days ago, we do wonder if a new ZenPad will be unveiled along side the Zenfone 3 during the North America unveiling event. That said, we don’t believe the P001 is destined for such an unveiling.

We do know that the p008 model is associated with the ZenPad 3 8.0 (Z581KL). So the P001 appears to us, to be a new ZenPad Z10 (ZT500KL) which is likely to be a Verizon exclusive just like the ZenPad Z8. So right now, we’re guess this is a 10-inch tablet headed to Verizon.

We do know that Asus was going to launch multiple products at their Zenfone 3 events so they can be more efficient with their marketing expenses. They can use the Zenfone 3 launch events to help market their other new products such as tablets, laptops and 2-in-1 products.

Stay tuned. More news on the P00I coming soon!

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  1. AzenD Aaron June 25, 2017 at 3:44 am #

    Confirmed. I have had the ZT500KL through Verizon (Verizon Exclusive) for several months and absolutely love the tablet! Only complaints are the lack of 4K & HDR (obviously going to watch video on a 10″ tablet!) and that did not come with Android 7 – Nougat. Even more depressing is that Asus has yet to comment on if they will provide the Android upgrade. However, I knew this going into the purchase. After the purchase, the only other real disappointment was the it is unable (assume some coding reasons) to run the app “Android Auto” when plugged in to my car’s touchscreen. This doesn’t make sense as the video is run through the vehicle’s display, but whatever… Data transfer rates via Verizon 4G tend to run in the 40MB download range, AC WiFi is lightning fast, has Bluetooth 4.1, and supports Miracast. Photos are solid, but not extraordinary. I would have hoped to have 4GB of ram, but (knock on wood) have yet to have any issues with multitasking. Battery life is outstanding (easily lasts all day with a single charge) and it is itself very lightweight! Check out Verizon’s site for full specs, and NO, I don’t work for them!

    -AzenD Aaron

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