What will the price of the ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M) be in the US?

We love to speculate! The top question we get is regarding prices. Release dates are about equally as important, but for now let’s look at some price comparisons.

The challenge here is that this tablet comes in a 32GB or 64GB version. So far at IFA 2016, we’ve been shown a price of € 349. That’s all we have to work with. Our guess would be the € 349 is for the 32GB model because Asus likely want to show the lowest price available. The question then becomes though whether the US will have one or both storage options available.

We done some number crunching and here is the price that we are expecting (likely a $50 difference between the 32GB and 64GB models).

$329 USD to $379 USD (estimate only)

If the 64GB is available in the US, expect the price to be around $50 USD more expensive, around $379 or $399. We’ve looked at the Taiwan price of the Z500M and the Euro price of the Z500M for this comparison. These estimations are never just a matter of a simple conversion. The US will get the best price.

We feel at $329 USD (unofficial) our price may even be a bit too high. We say this because the price in Taiwan with a straight conversion is $346 USD. The price should be cheaper in the US but obviously currencies fluxuate. This is not an exact science!

Stay tuned for the official US pricing which we hope to see very soon!!


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