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ASUS needs to get back into the tablet game.

Apple has seemingly continued evolving their tablet line-ups when the Android portion of the market closed shop. Isn’t anyone paying attention? It could be said that Android tablets have come and gone. ASUS certainly seems to agree given their abandonment of the ZenPad line-up. We haven’t come across and “official” press release saying it’s the […]

No more ZenPad tablets from Asus?

This is a sobering post. From day one of the ZenPad launch we’ve been here. Heck, before day one of the first Android tablets from Asus, the Eee Pad series, we’ve been here. We’ve been covering Asus tablets for a long, long, while now. So it is with great discouragement that we may be facing […]

How can Asus improve the ZenPad S 8.0 Series (Z580CA) with the ZT581KL?

Details are scarce. We’ve seen perhaps one benchmark result from a possible next generation ZenPad S 8.0, but that was quite some time ago. At Computex 2016 next week, Asus is letting the suspense build. We want to look at the hero Z580CA (and the Z580C) and see if there were opportunities for Asus to […]

Computex 2016 predictions time!

Sure the tablet market is not booming, but we know (we hope at the very least) to see some new ZenPad tablets at the big Computex 2016 show. Nothing is more fun than making predictions only to find out that you’re wrong on most every prediction. However, failure will not make us refrain! We do […]

Global tablets sales decline will inevitably affect Asus tablet strategies moving forward

“Captain obvious speaking. Slumping tablet sales globally are going to affect how Asus treats their tablet strategies moving forward.” Okay, not breaking news there. However, we recently watched the Asus investors conference and the ZenPad tablets were part of the conversation, but the tone was not optimistic. It’s understandable though because it has been reported […]

Do you live in India? Poll: What ZenPad do you want most?

From the amount of comments and emails that we receive, certainly the Z580CA seems to be the most popular. One of the few countries still waiting for the ZenPad tablet rollout is India. We’ve had a lot of visitors to the site from India asking questions regarding release dates. Your time is very close!! If […]